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About | IdeaLust Studios


Trying to build upon the wisdom of the giant shoulders I’m currently perched.

This is my soundboard. My thought field. My idea cocktail party. My pinboard of ideas I feel need to be shared, delved, developed, remixed, and built anew.


Here’s my driving force…

I believe there are 3 key principles that are so fundamental to the survival of human culture yet overlooked due to the nature of taking things for granted:

1. Ability to preserve ideas in order to pass to future generations. Nothing is more greater than realizing the fact that you have been given a spring board of thousands of years of human experience to tap into and continue building from. Go open up a book and tap into the foundation of civilization.
2. Cross disciplinary knowledge and lateral thinking. Also known as “thinking outside the box.” Seeking ideas from fields outside your expertise can help spark the solution to a problem that was obscured by previous knowledge bias.
3. Language is key to understanding perspectives. Both across cultures and time. We are defined by the words that we use and share with others. Wield your pen wisely.