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Entry to Video Contest: The Past Re-imagined as the Future – “Make Space, Not War”

After several weeks of planning and tossing around a handful of ideas, 2 weeks of dedicated work on combining two ideas into one new idea, and a grueling 3 day edit fest, I have completed my video remix for the Free Music Archive and Prelinger Archives hosted video contest “Sound for the Moving Image : The Past Re-imagined as the Future.”


Make Space, Not War

Vote here:

You’ll have to sign up for a Free Music Archive account. It’s a great website and they provide a great service. The people who run it are awesome as well. Do it. I’d recommend it even to not vote for my video.

(Update: Nov 13, 2012: Having been able to sit back and no longer being lost in the trees. I see the forest and realize that I should’ve left a lot of the war and nuclear blast footage on the cutting room floor in order to make the argument/story flow better. The meat of the video doesn’t really get started until 4:34 in. Far too long. I plan to make and updated version and maybe even a TL:DR version.)

NASA is walking in the footprints of dinosaurs

“One small step for man. One giant… huh… dinosaAAAAAAUUUUGGG!” [Chomp!] Dinosaur footprints have been found at the grounds of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This combines my love for space exploration and dinosaurs in one convenient degree of separation. Then I stumbled upon this… This person, Piya Wannachaiwong, is a great artist. Check them out at Which… Continue Reading