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Our archived, peserved, re-stored, predicted, assumed, conjectured, percieved and painted view of the past. It is what we make of it.

Entry to Video Contest: The Past Re-imagined as the Future – “Make Space, Not War”

After several weeks of planning and tossing around a handful of ideas, 2 weeks of dedicated work on combining two ideas into one new idea, and a grueling 3 day edit fest, I have completed my video remix for the Free Music Archive and Prelinger Archives hosted video contest “Sound for the Moving Image : The Past Re-imagined as the Future.”


Make Space, Not War

Vote here: http://videoremix.freemusicarchive.org/video/160/make-space-not-war

You’ll have to sign up for a Free Music Archive account. It’s a great website and they provide a great service. The people who run it are awesome as well. Do it. I’d recommend it even to not vote for my video.

(Update: Nov 13, 2012: Having been able to sit back and no longer being lost in the trees. I see the forest and realize that I should’ve left a lot of the war and nuclear blast footage on the cutting room floor in order to make the argument/story flow better. The meat of the video doesn’t really get started until 4:34 in. Far too long. I plan to make and updated version and maybe even a TL:DR version.)

Stumbling through Space History

I just learned a very insightful piece of historical information – the Soviets beat the USA into space due to their lack of technology. What? Yes. They were building massively huge Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in order to launch their awkwardly large and unsophisticated nuclear arsenal. The US was streamlining the tech. Going for quality and accuracy over quantity… Continue Reading

NASA is walking in the footprints of dinosaurs

“One small step for man. One giant… huh… dinosaAAAAAAUUUUGGG!” [Chomp!] Dinosaur footprints have been found at the grounds of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This combines my love for space exploration and dinosaurs in one convenient degree of separation. Then I stumbled upon this… This person, Piya Wannachaiwong, is a great artist. Check them out at http://piyastudios.blogspot.com/. Which… Continue Reading