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What causes your mind to ride a wave of awe?

If it wasn't for Space, we wouldn't have anywhere to go.

My love of Space has been one of the few constant passions in my life. I, for whatever reason, let it take a back seat for what feels like a decade and focused on Earthly fascinations; trying to bag dirty pirate hookers.

But like an unstoppable cosmic ray birthed from a quasar hitting me square in the core of my being it has destroyed the shell of my former self and from the ashes my passion has arisen in phoenix form.

I made this with my phone on┬áJuly 17, 2012 while waiting several hours to have my car fixed at the dealership. I used the apps AutoDesk Sketchbook Mobile and Pixlr-o-matic. By far the most I’d ever used those apps up to that point and since.